Master Bedroom Restyle - Organic Happiness!

I am currently obsessed with creating my own space.  Perhaps this comes from years of creating gorgeous spaces for my family and little ones?  I have traveled so much over the past few years that I scarcely have had time to think of what is going on for the week, much less think of my own style or what I might like.  My current room used to be the playroom for years and still had bright walls and curtains.   Now it is my room (yes, my husband's too when he is in town).   I desperately needed calm and quiet.  I need as much as possible organic and "clean".    

The bed is the coziest I have ever had - organic and fluffy - like sleeping on a cloud! 
The first thing to do is purge your space of everything that is not needed.
Ask yourself - have I used in the past two years?
Does it fit?
Does it make me smile?
Do I even like it?
Do I need it?
And do I really want to keep it? 

Organic bedding is the first thing I choose.  Whites and greys are extremely soothing and have an incredible calming affect.  Cotton that is organic and not full of pesticides is something I do not comprise on - it matters.  The grey sheets are from West Elm, the gossamer slate grey blanket and the organic and responsible down comforter is from The Company Store.  I don't think I've ever enjoyed my bed more!  
My bed is handmade with reclaimed wood and no toxic coatings.  My husband made for me years ago for my birthday.  Awesome, I know ;)

Plants do more than make me smile and add a pop of green to the space.  
Plants are amazing air filters and I highly suggest having as many as you can.  

Natural treasures from our travels - gorgeous branch rubbed smooth from Colorado stream waters, pinecones that still smell of the Rocky Mountains on them, white stones from Austin waterholes, shells from Florida and South Carolina and even plain rocks given to me as a gift from DC hikes when my youngest was a toddler.   These things make me smile every time I see them and remind me of all-the-places I have been.
I do not usually buy rugs because of either the material or the chemicals used to process them.  This is the Winter Branches rug from West Elm.  Hand tufted and made in India.  I absolutely love it! (see below for before picture of this area)

We made this window seat years ago and now even with plants and books, it is still a favorite quiet spot to watch autumn showers! 

Now the lightest and calmest room in the house and it seems I am not the only one loving it! 

Plant stand is from West Elm!

An organic mattress is even more important than organic sheets.  Mattresses matter - free of pesticides, flame retardant chemicals and other toxins you do not want to breath in every single night.  My organic and wool mattress is on order from The Futon Shop.  Please follow little island studios on Instagram and InstaStories for more updates.

This is before! 

Bright green walls and pink and orange curtains left over from the playroom is not exactly soothing to wake up to!

This is not a sponsored post.  A couple of the things in my room were part of previous collaborations, but not sponsored.