Santa Shops Sustainable at prAna for the Holidays! #GiftedprAna

We are happily collaborating with prAna for this holiday season & don't miss the coupon code below! 

Gift giving is a wonderful part of the holiday season and I take my choosing of gifts seriously and see it as an important part of the season.  Giving gifts, in my opinion should always be done responsibly.  It is so much more than how much you give and how much you spend.

Always consider the recipient - their personality, likes and passions.
Shop for ethical fashion - is the item organic? Fair trade? Ethically made?  
Make it special - I would rather buy a small special gift than a larger cheaper gift.
How much use will it get - is it their style?  Will they like it or want to return it?

Some of our favorite go-to gifts from prAna

A scarf - Want the truth?  Growing up in the tropics I never owned a coat, much less a scarf.  When I moved to the north (thanks to my boyfriend, now husband) I still didn't see much use in one.   Or rather I think I saw them as "extras" or extravagant items that were never actually worn.  Then I saw the episode of Friends where Rachel receives an amazing green scarf from hunky Dermott Mulroney and I have been obsessed with scarves since that day.  I am still on the search for the perfect forrest green scarf.  But until then, these prAna scarves are my most favorites and I highly recommend them! 

This Zimmer Scarf in Grey or Navy 

The Pammy Scarf is on sale right now and almost fully made with recycled polyester & hemp.

I have this exact hat in Winter color and Grey (the Pammy hat) and get compliments every single time I wear one! 

Tawnie Beanie - the ultimate winter hat!

Herrington Beanie - because every girl should have a floppy colorful ball on top of their winter hat! Don't ski without it! 

I have season these organic pj pants in last year's print and I wear them almost everyday! 
And grab a pair for your guy!   

For the ultimate luxury gift, these blankets are incredibly dreamy and are the perfect gift for Christmas Eve exchange! 

Dear Santa, I would like this in Fiery Red please.  
I've not been very good, but I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Fiery Red Vest today. ;P

I always love prAna's sweaters, clothes and workout gear.  However, these are my favorite feel-good gifts that I buy and want to receive. (*hint hint*)

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Enjoy and Happiest of Holidays to you and your family! 

We have happily teamed up with prAna for this post.  We do not make a profit from anything you buy, so choose your favorites! Opinions are always my own.  I buy from prAna (often), sponsored or not.