Brunch In The City - Eggnog French Toast!

This delicious post is in collaboration with Kenyon City Grills! 

We posted our Brunch In The City with Kenyon Grills  and now we have the most delicious Eggnog French Bread to share - all totally made on our Kenyon City Grill!  Grab some delicious organic eggnog and some real maple syrup and let's get cooking! Brunch rules the weekends at house when whether we're traveling or not.
Eggnog, maple syrup, pasture eggs, fresh oranges and Korintje Cinnamon Spice make for the perfect brunch for everyone! 
We used regular bread and then my daughter got out the raisin bread and ohhhh yum! 
A tiny bit of olive oil was all that was needed.  Not a stuck on piece of bread any where! 

Sturdy knob makes the temperature absolutely perfect!  
Close the lid and let cook! 

Ingredients - 

Pick a delicious sturdy bread.  We did some gluten free raison bread and rye bread - both delicious! 
 Korintje Cinnamon
Pasture Eggs - 2 
Grass Fed Whole Milk - 1/2 cup
Eggnog -  1/2 cup
Add a touch more of eggnog, if desired.
Olive oil for griddle

Mix the eggs, cinnamon, milk and eggnog.

Heat the griddle on medium.
Add about a teaspoon of olive oil.
When the griddle is ready - dip your bread in the mix and add onto the grill.
Heat for approximately 2 minutes then flip.
Heat the other side for approximately 2 minutes.

Top with - 

Spiced Cranberry Orange Compote
Grass fed butter and real maple syrup
Mini Chocolate Chips and a bit of syrup
Creme Fraiche
Homemade Whipped Cream
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Lazy Sunday Afternoon Brunches are the best! 

She's declared herself the Top Griller in the family! 
(my daughter...not the dog! ;)

Lola is being helpful! 

Made on the Kenyon City Grill entirely (the compote went through the blender first) - 

Eggnog French Toast topped with Spiced Cranberry-Orange Compote!  
Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds! 

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We are extremely happy to partner with Kenyon Grills. Opinions are always my (and my family) own.  As you know, I do not recommend anything I do not or would not spend my own money on.  And as my husband says - "this grill is going with us from now on!"

Happy Grilling, Lovelies!