Cheer Challenge & Holiday Gift Guide for DVDs! #DWAHolidayChallenge #spon

We are so pleased to collaborate with Fox Home Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation for this holiday season!
We challenge you to a cheer challenge this holiday season! How can we make the holidays even more special for those around us? Let someone behind you get in front of you in line, smile at everyone you see, pay for the coffee of someone behind you in line, bring an elderly neighbor freshly baked cookies and a drawing from your kiddo, if you are handy - offer someone an hour of fix-it time for Christmas in stead of buying a gift! There are SO anyways we can show love, compassion and simple kindness. Give your time, skills and gifts without expecting anything at all in return.

The holiday season is full of baking, kindness, church programs, carol singing and gift giving. And a huge part of the holidays are holiday movies and shorts. We all remember those favorite shows we waited on when we were kids to come on TV. And today's families have it even better with their favorites available at home on DVD and Blu-Ray disks!  

Lola's Cheer Challenge! 

Some of my most favorites are Rudolph, Frosty and Santa Claus Holiday Classics! My children's favorites are Dragons Holiday: Gift of the Night Fury, Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Merry Madagascar, Shrek the Halls and absolutely everything Penguins!

If you haven't seen yet, Penguins: Special Delivery is hysterical and a must-see holiday DVD for family movie night!
We love this 4 pack of these holiday favorites!

This post and cheer challenge is in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation and Fox Home Entertainment Studios! Opinions are always my own. Happy Holidays!