Spicy Black Bean & Beef Chili!

Today's yummy post is in collaboration with Simply Organic Spices to inspire your family to Cook For A Change! 

As soon as the weather sets in, I get cooking comfort food and chili is one of my go-to one pot dishes.  My family does crave a variety of chilis though and each one seems to be better than the last.  This black bean and beef chili is so hearty and can be topped with chopped cilantro for extra nutrients!  Spices are everything in food and life.  We always add spice to every dish.  We use Simply Organic Spices and they make all-the-difference in our dishes! 

Cooking with family is more important than ever.  In a drive-thru & too busy society, our health and connection to our family and friends is clearly suffering.  It took a health crisis in my family to really awaken our awareness and need for real food and cooking.  Cooking for your family and getting in the kids in the kitchen, so they can also learn to cook and become educated about food is imperative to our own health and generations to come.  We cook and eat together almost every evening and we make food a top priority in our household.   I love to go to the market with my kids and talk to the farmers about their methods of growing organically.  

Food matters!

 Simply Organic Spices wants to inspire change and social good.  They encourage you and your family to cook and share your meals using #CookForAChange on social media to inspire others.  

Ingredients - 

Simply Organic Chili Powder 
Simply Organic Course Black Pepper 
Simply Organic Garlic Powder 
Grass Fed Beef - 1.5 lbs cubed small
Grass Fed Ground Beef - 1.5 lbs
Black Beans - 30 oz
Onion - 1 medium chopped
Crushed Tomatoes - 2 - 30oz cans
Diced Tomatoes -  30 oz
Tomato paste - small tin
Olive Oil - 2 tbs

Toppings - 

Chopped Cilantro
Grass Fed Cheddar
Chopped Raw Onion
Dollop of Plain Greek Yogurt or Sour Cream (though we love the Greek Yogurt)

Honestly if you add all of these toppings and you'll have a spectacular bowl of chili! 

Cook - 

Heat a large dutch oven pot to medium heat on stove top.  
Add-in 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the cubed grass fed beef and 2 teas of sea salt and 1 teas of pepper.  
Cook for 3 minutes and add in the ground beef. 
Stir and add in a bit more pepper and 2 teas of chili powder and 1 teas of garlic powder.
Continue to cook and stir. 
Cook until done and then add-in chopped onion.
Stir and add-in another pinch of sea salt.

Add in tomatoes and a tablespoon of chili powder and 1 teas of garlic powder.
Allow chili to heat to medium heat and continue to cook for 20 minutes, stirring as needed.
The thing with spices is that everyone has their own taste.  How hot and spicy? Salty? 
At this point I usually add more of everything.  
Another tablespoon of chili powder, teas of garlic and dash of pepper and sea salt.
Stir and cook at medium heat for 20 more minutes, stirring as needed.
Turn heat down to medium low and allow to simmer.
Adjust any spices needed.

Simmer for 20 minutes and while the chili is simmering make cornbread and shred cheese, chop onion for toppings, get out Greek Yogurt and chop cilantro - all for desired toppings! 
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This post and recipe is in collaboration with Simply Organic Spices to encourage you to Cook for a Change!  Opinions are my own.  I purchase Simply Organic Spices on a regular basis and highly recommend!