Pineapple-Mango & Mustard Bloom Margaritas

           We are joining the FEEDFEED and Hola Jalapeño for Margarita Week - Cheers! 

Please join little island studios on FEEDFEED for more cocktail and cooking adventures!  We are gearing up for summer and a delicious cocktail is just what we need to start a hot summer evening.  Pineapples, mangos, limes and a new treat, mustard blooms, are summer staples for staying refreshed.  

Fresh fruit and mustard flowers! 

I found these gorgeous mustard blooms at the farmer's market from Black Cat Farms.  

Into mixer glass/shaker of ice -

3 oz of fresh mango and pineapple juice
1 oz tequila
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 teas of mustard blooms and top drink, as well
Squeeze of lime and use lime to wet the rim of the glass. Then dip in sugar, if desired.
Mix in shaker
Pour on top of ice

Add a large scoop of ice and all ingredients into high powered blender to make it a frozen margarita. 

Top with blooms, lime and/or sugar
This cocktail is refreshing and has me excited about summer!  We are joining the FEEDFEED and Hola Jalapeño for Margarita Week 

This is not a sponsored post. We're just a bit exhausted lately and needed a drink!