Kids On-the-Go With Peeled Snacks!

  We are happy to team up with Peeled Snacks for this yummy post! 

Life is busy and unbelievably hectic for us right now and I have been searching for snacks I approve of for constant on-the-go road trips!  We are all loving healthy snacks from Peeled Snacks - crunchy snacks and gently dried fruits!  My favorite?  Dried mango, of course!  My kids don't seem to have a favorite and have been enjoying everything Peeled Snacks has to offer...although the dried apple bags go super fast around here!  Peeled Snacks travel extremely well and make an excellent addition to lunch boxes.

Peeled Snacks has snacks that I feel good about buying my family. 
 Peeled Snacks partners with organic farmers and suppliers to grow the yummiest non-GMO, gluten-free and organic snacks!  

No preservatives, synthetic coloring, corn syrup and other nasties!

Peeled Snacks are the perfect quick and portable snack for back to school, hockey practice and "can't wait for dinner" trips home!

Try Peeled Snacks for back-to-school with $1.00 off any 2 - Here! 

Gently dried mango, apple and chili mango - 
mango with a kick! 

Puffy Parmesan Peas
Crunchy Sea Salt Peas
Crunchy White Cheddar
Crunchy Garden Herb

SO many tasty flavors to be eaten - and we happen to have a road trip for everyone!

Peeled Snacks has been making Healthy Snacks for over 10 Years

In 2004, Noha Waibsnaider founded Peeled Snacks in her tiny New York City apartment when she noticed there was something missing from the snack aisle. Store shelves were full of processed potato chips, corn syrup-filled candy, and energy bars made with too many mysterious ingredients, leaving snackers to feel the “spike, crash and burn” effect. Without finding any options both healthy and enjoyable, Noha set out to fix that problem.
Her solution? Tasty and nourishing snacks made with pure, wholesome ingredients to satisfy your cravings at anytime or anywhere, while lifting your mood and leaving you feeling energized. Noha’s vision was and is still today to make healthy snacking as close to nature as possible. What began with three varieties of organic fruit snacks has now expanded to include crunchy veggie snacks and we’re not stopping! - Peeled Snacks

Find Peeled Snacks at Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Sprouts, Wegmans and more!

Also available at Amazon!

Please check out for more information! 

 We collaborated with Peeled Snacks for this post.  Opinions are my own!  Dried mango, anyone? :P