Back-To-School Happiness With Tom's of Maine!

It's back to school time and we are teaming up with Tom's of Maine!

It's already time to start thinking about back-to-school and all that it entails!  That's okay because back-to-school starts our most favorite part of the year - autumn!  Is there anything better than shopping for school supplies?  We don't think so - pencils, pens, markets, neon pencils bags, erasers that looks like donuts and even the personal items are the best like Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool products for big kids!  There are only big kids at my house these days! (they grow up fast!) and my little one...or rather big one feels so grown up with the Wicked Cool toothpaste!  He's not quite ready for the Wicked Cool deodorant but we have it standing by! 

Back-to-School stuff should be colorful and fun and my kids just love the Tom's of Maine toothpaste and deodorant and every colorful pen!  What are you kiddo's favorite back-to-school items? 

For Back-to-School this year Tom's of Maine has joined up with the Kids in Need Foundation to provide kids with must-have school supplies and products!  They provide pre-assembled back packs to qualifying students!  They (and we) believe that every kid should have the opportunity to thrive!

Join Tom's of Maine and Kids in Need Foundation and customize a post card to add in a child's back pack for this back-to-school season and make a difference to a student - 
Go HERE to inspire!

Tom's of Maine natural personal care products are made with no artificial flavors, fragrances, preservatives or colors and are never tested on animals!  Tom's toothbrushes are plant based and made from 99% renewable castor oil plants!

No aluminum, parabens or fake fragrances in the Wicked Cool Tween Deodorant makes Tom's of Maine our choice in back-to-school products!  

I feel good about buying Tom's of Maine for my family and have done so for years!  Tom's is a wonderful transparent company with naturally sourced and derived! 

Tom's of Maine is Wicked Cool and with no parabens makes this an excellent choice for tweens!

For Tom's of Maine ingredients and sources - go HERE! 

Tom's of Maine partners with TerraCycle to cut down on waste and recycles it!

Tom's of Maine does not test on animals and free from artificial flavors, fragrances, colors, sweeteners and preservatives!

We buy Tom's at Sprouts Markets, Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Target and Amazon.

Tom's of Maine is available everywhere though!

My Notes:

Our back-to-school must-haves include Tom's of Maine (of course)

OOLY pens, markers and pen case

Colorful water bottle is My BKR!

This post is happily in collaboration with Tom's of Maine! Opinions are my own.  
We have bought and supported Tom's since my middle child was little!