5 Tips for A Great Morning Routine With Nubian Heritage Products!

We are so thrilled to join with Nubian Heritage  for this healthy skin care post! 

When I was asked to join Nubian Heritage for a skin care post, I apparently was not aware that the Nubian Heritage Goat's Milk Chai is my teen daughter's favorite liquid body wash!   Her jumping up and down seeing the new products was a clue.   How could I not know that?  Well, kids grow up fast and I have apparently done my job well when it comes to her seeking out and choosing skin products that are free from nasty toxins!  This should be a no-brainer with what we put on our skin (and what we eat) but in this day and age, we must be careful and be informed and think for ourselves.   

I had not tried the Coconut and Papaya products and I've apparently missed out.  The smell is divine and relaxing without being over powering.  The feel...oh the feel of the liquid and the bath bar is perfectly delicious! 

Our local Whole Foods Market has a variety Nubian Heritage products and scents!

 The skin is our largest organ and studies show approximately 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed. By properly caring for the skin, and maintaining homeostasis, we impact the health, texture, strength and beauty of the skin. Our products provide skin care for all types of skin. For example, we recommend our Infused Butters for rough dry areas like heels, knees, elbows and hands especially during the winter. 

Sensitive skin will benefit from our Massage Oil and our Body Lotion in our Goat’s Milk & Chai Collection formulated for delicate and sensitive skin. If problem skin is a concern, our African Black Soap Collection is recommended.

What's not in our product is just as important as what is. For over 23 years, we've been proud to manufacture products without potentially harmful synthetic ingredients that may have an impact on our health and our environment. Nubian Heritage products do not contain Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Paraffin, Gluten, Propylene Glycol, DEA, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Triclosan, Synthetic Fragrance or Artificial Color. Nubian Heritage is cruelty-free and doesn't test on animals.  - Nubian Heritage on Healthy Skin
Using the Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya body wash at night and then the lotion before bed, my legs are so soft by the morning!   The Coconut & Papaya body lotion is now part of my morning and night routine along with yoga stretches and fair trade coffee, of course!

5 Tips for a Sunny Good Morning -

1.  Before your feet touch the floor - have gratitude and say thank you for this day, loved ones and food for that day.

2.  Wash with Coconut & Papaya body soap and use the lotion.  It is absolutely refreshing and gives a definite boost of "ready to take on the world" attitude

3.  Yoga stretches - even if you do not have time to do an entire program - stretch!  
Move your body! 

4.  Get Dressed - even if you're not going out and chasing kids all day.  Get dressed and brush your teeth!  And yes, gorgeous yoga pants count!  

5.  Smile!  This should go without say, but smile, smile, smile!  It's good for your health and everyone around you!  


This post is happily in collaboration with Nubian Heritage!  Opinions are my own and yes, my daughter has apparently been buying all along!  And yes, coconut is always my flavor / scent!