Halloween Googly Eye Spiders!

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We made these over the weekend on InstaStories and had SO many messages about them - I wanted to post~!   Just grab the kids, some fun music and materials and get decorating!   Halloween is more fun than scary at our house and we just love these silly bats! 

Materials - 

Googly Eyes
Glue Stick
Chalk, Oil Pastels, Glitter Paint, Puffy Paint - something that pops on black paper!

Double up your black paper and cut out circles
Fold a sheet in half and cut straight strips out
Mark 3 lines on one side of circle with glue stick for the legs of the spiders (the long strip of paper)
Let dry for 15 minutes while you're getting the rest of your materials together and glued.
Flip and Circles with the glued strips on them and decorate!
Add Googly eyes
Crinkle the legs
Tape the back and stick wherever the spiders want to be for Halloween fun!

Happy Halloween!

We got our materials from OOLY.  However, this is not a sponsored post.