Christopher Robin Movie & Honey Too!

Things are buzzing around here and it couldn't be a sweeter collaboration than working with Disney's production of Christopher Robin!

"Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh" - common song lyrics and rhymes when my kids were little and even now,  everything Winnie the Pooh makes me blissfully happy.  I grew up with A.A. Milne stories and poems read on a daily basis and I continued that into my own children's childhood.  Disney's Christopher Robin movie is simply enchanting, starring Ewan McGregor.   He fits the part perfectly and just makes the story come to life! 

In this heartwarming Disney tale, Christopher Robin encounters his childhood friend Winnie the Pooh, who helps him remember the endless days of wonder and make-believe. - Disney

This week on Instagram we are making honey pancakes and fresh spiced cinnamon and honey whipped cream.  Join us on Instagram and InstaStories!

Make honey part of your autumn feast!

We very much enjoyed Christopher Robin and Pooh to start our holiday season off.  A sweet reminder of what is of real importance in life.  And a reminder to stay away from Woozles and Heffalumps!

Happy Holidays to you and your lovelies! 

If somehow you have missed the stories of Pooh, Christopher Robin and friends, please read...even though you're grown!

This post is in collaboration with Disney Pictures.  Opinions are my own, as always and Winnie the Pooh is our favorite.