Holiday Family Movie Nights - Movies Anywhere! #MASurvivingTheHoliday

We are happily collaboration with Movies Anywhere for this post and family movie night!

It's here!  It's practically here!  It's too late to ship and I'm quite simply too tired and busy baking to fight the traffic and empty shelves.  One things it's not too late for is movies!  We use our Movies Anywhere app with our Amazon Fire for streaming and we love it.  It is so simple to set up and we download our digital copies and buy new straight from our Fire or Roku.  We use Movies Anywhere app year-around and yes, I highly recommend!  

Some of our most favorite movies for the holiday season that would be great while the kids are on school break are -

Christmas Vacation!  If you somehow have not seen this movie - then please close your computer and go watch Chevy Chase in one of his most awesomest roles!

The Holiday - This movie is a lovely movie and not to "girly" for the older guys in your's Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet anyway!

The Santa Claus - I can't believe the kiddo in this movie is already grown up!  This is a classic movie in our house with Tim Allen!  

Jingle All the Way - So much laughing-out-loud with this movie!

And may we suggest for Christmas week fun - Pirates of the Caribbean! 

Movies Anywhere available to upload Amazon Prime, iTunes, FandangoNow, Google Play, iTunes.

What are your favorite holiday movies?  Leave me a comment and Merry Christmas to you! 

This post is in collaboration with Movies Anywhere.  Yes, we highly recommend and use - sponsored or not!