5 Things to Inspire Happiness This Weekend!

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Happy Weekend, Lovelies! 

5 Things to Inspire Happiness This Weekend - 

1. Give Thanks - There is always and I mean always something to give thanks for.  My family right now is going through unbelievable times dark times and I can think of ten things to be incredibly thankful for at any given time.  Gratitude always.

2. Pray - Have faith that even if you feel God is not listening that He is there and has not forgotten you.

3. Find Your Joy - This is tied to the gratitude thing.  Find things that bring you joy - a cookbook, a soft tee, hot coffee, snow falling out your window.  Find the Joy!!

4. Read - Put down your phone.  Read.  Read something that brings calm - your Bible, food magazine, a novel you have been waiting to read.  Something that brings calm, not anxiety. 

5. Breathe - Close your computer.  Put your phone in the kitchen cupboard.  Breathe.  Play with the kids.  Bake, re-pot your house plants (this is fun for me), fold your laundry in the Marie Kondo way.  Take a walk outside.  The possibilities are endless.

Happy Weekend, Lovelies.  Enjoy the moments! 

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