Winter Happiness & Simple Trail Gear Favorites!

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Winter makes me happy.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm always happy, but winter is extraordinary.  Winter brings quiet and calm and it has quickly become my favorite season.  Well...other than autumn, of course!  Getting up before the kids and going on a walk is my favorite.  I spend the the quiet time in gratitude for just about everything - even in difficult times. 

Winter gear makes all-the-difference in whether you enjoy the cold weather or not. 

5 Winter Favorites -

A great pair of fleece tights...aka winterized yoga pants

Trail shoes - grips the ice and greatly minimizing any slip and falls

Light-weight down jacket - needs to not restrict movement and should be super light

Wool Socks - these are my most favorite.  Wait for these socks to go on sale and buy mass amounts - They are my winter go-to!

Wool Base Layer. - Wool is amazing and makes all-the-difference in warm and comfort in the freezing weather.  Wool is sustaining and does not require dangerous chemicals to process.  I look for wool in all of my winter gear!  

And for fun - 

Snow Shoes are a great treat for yourself and my kids love them too

Not a sponsored post.  Just stuff that makes me happy.