Mandarin Slushies & Good Mornings!

Good morning!  This post is happily in collaboration with the yummy Sunrays Citrus! !

Is it really time for thinking of back to school?  Whatever happened to school starting after Labor Day?  I'm not quite sure, but one of my son's friends started this week!  Good gracious, it's still summer!  Whether you are back to school or still enjoy the fruits of summer ;) - may we suggest a Mandarin Slushy to get your kids moving?!  No sugar added and entirely from nature.   We use an electric citrus press at our house and it inspires the kids to make their own.  Grab your citrus press (any will do nicely, it doesn't have to be electric!), blender and some ice and obviously the key ingredient - Sunrays Mandarins and start your day happy! 

A bowl full of Sunrays Mandarins will do swimmingly! 

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Add ice and blend in a high powered blender.  
See notes below

Slice and Juice!

Squeeze / Juice
Add Ice


Stock up on Sunrays Citrus No Plastic Packaging - good for you and good for the earth!

My Notes & Disclosures:

Sunrays Mandarins are super juicy and what I always buy - sponsored or not! 

We use Blendtec!  Blends like a boss - the first time, everytime!  I am a Blendtec ambassador - use BLENDHAPPY code when making a purchase for 25% off!!

We use the Breville Electric Citrus Press - love it so much, I have two colors and buy as gifts!  

This post is in collaboration with Sunrays Citrus.  This post features products that I use almost daily and highly recommend.  I would not recommend if I did not just love them! 
 My opinions are always my own.