I posted our yummy egg casserole bake on Insta-stories and I received so many DMs about it that I thought I would post quickly.  Do something kind for yourself this week - wild flowers, a good book, comfort food, hot tea and a great movie.  Moms (& dads), you work so hard for your family.  Don't forget to take care of yourself.  


10 - Pasture Raised Brown Eggs*
1 1/4 pound of Sage Sausage*
Sea Salt - to taste
Pepper - to taste
1/2 teas of cumin
6 oz of raw cheddar (or the fake cheese shredded substitute is delicious, as well)
3-4 slices of Seeded Bread (I use ancient grain breads - organic)
2/3 cup of Organic Whole Milk or Malk (cashew or almond milk)
Coconut or olive oil

One fantastic iron skillet


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
Heat iron skillet and when heated add-in a bit of oil - olive or coconut oil.

Cook your sausage in medium to large skillet until done and drain.  
Set aside drained sausage to cool a bit.

Toast bread medium done.
Set aside to cool a bit.

Mix eggs, pepper, salt, cumin and then add-in cheese and stir
Run the toasted, cooled bread through the food processor on high speed until blended nicely
Add-in to the egg mixture.

Gently stir it all together in the skillet.  Sprinkle a bit of extra cheese on top and a touch of salt and pepper.  Place in heated oven.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25 - 35 minutes or until done.  (depending on your oven)

Take out and cool for about 5 minutes and then dig in!   We graze on the left-overs all day! 

My Notes - 

I use Vital Farm eggs.  Organic or just the Non-GMO ones - all good. I periodically use other eggs, of course, but I prefer the taste and look of these. No, I do not work or blog for them.  I would though.

Use organic whenever possible.  Anything you can do to lessen the chemical impact of a standard American diet on your body is a good thing.  Best if you know a terrific and ethical farmer.  If you do, please send me their info.  I'm always looking to support local and amazing farmers.  

I can never find "organic" pork sausage but I am able to find verified Non-GMO sausage and that is delicious and makes a world of difference in how the animals are treated.  In my experience.

Do the best you can.  It's all we can do.  If you're broke and want to make this casserole - Make it!  Have gratitude and pray over what you do have and enjoy a meal with your kids.  

Bon Appétit

I am a food editor at TheFeedFeed.  However, this is not a paid post nor does it have affiliate links.  This is what I make my kiddos.