I went from being what my parents wanted me to be and act like,  to what my boyfriend and then husband wanted - for years.   Then motherhood came and that consumed me trying to be a "good" mom.  Whatever was needed to "behave" and fit in with in-laws, soccer coach, church and so involved  with busyness that I never seemed to consciously choose.  Looking back by choosing what others wanted, I was never myself and anytime I emerged for a breath, I was immediately shut down - nicely or otherwise.  

What would it look like if we lived intentionally?  If we lived the way we inherently know to be right and authentic?   What would that look like?  I believe it should always be evolving, moving forward and true.  I have never been so calm, so very happy and so - intentional.  

If you have people in your life that tell you to tone it down, don't think and do not share those ideas.   These are just not your people.  It hurts, but this world is changing fast and I simply have zero desire to be anyone else but me.  I am looking to impress no one.  If my opinions bother someone...why is that?  It's not my responsibility to cater and adjust myself for anyone.

No one.

If nothing else we should all be intentional. 

Intentional about our thoughts, decisions, actions and beliefs. 

Intentionally, Nicki