...back to self

intentionally love who you are and who you see yourself becoming 

 i was always me somewhere inside
 but after years of society telling me who I should be
...friends, family and life situations... 

i was in a place mentally (& geographically, for that matter)
 that I had no idea who I was 

there have times where i could not even tell you what my favorite color was

i knew that i had become someone that was unrecognizable to my soul

it takes time to peel it all away and return to you are inherently

love who you are now, but always move towards who you see yourself as

return to self

i am very big now on manifesting, meditation & energy

gratitude for everything and everyone

let go of people that do not feed your soul - just let go


give thanks

find your happy 

refuse to play the game

positivity & perspective will change your day & your life

seek joy, happiness, blessings, moments of brilliance 

let the negative go...without reaction...let go

return to who you were meant to be

- intentionally