creating your photo wall

Intentionally create your photo wall.   It is not narcissistic  to create your own space.  You are creating memories of your most favorite moments. 

i spent decades being absorbed in the life of a mother.  my life revolved soley on my kids, husband and home.  i have less than a handful of pictures of myself while raising my oldest children.  

my life has been turned upside-over partly by things that were far out of my control and for some reasons being absolutely my choice.  

i have pictures now of moments that i intentionally created. my life now 

moments of colors, textures, happiness, gratitude and joy.  

this is the start of my photo wall...only the beginning 

i had pictures printed out in a matte finish
very inexpensive and makes all-the-difference 

you can have them printed out in any size you like
have a few of your favorites printed in larger sizes and place in matted frames 

absolutely impactive way to highlight your moment

small streamline frames - i found at target and amazon - in all sizes
4x6, 5x7, 8x10

these are your moments - celebrate them! 

here & now

intentionally, nicki 

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