it was a dream i know, but i went to take a picture of where i was.  something specific for him, that he would think was so damn cool and just as i took it - i cried.  i realized i had no where to send it.  i woke up in tears.

i don't dream of it all...of him often.  it rarely happens, i am thankful my dreams are not haunted by the memory of him.

he would be happy for me though.  for that I am sure of. 

i have returned to self and know that would please him.  

he knew i tried, but never fit in.  

he would smile that my toes are in the sand again and i spend my nights looking up at the stars.  he never understood my soul so much, but he would have so much joy that i had found it all again.  

for those of you starting over...always push through

do not stay sad

have so much gratitude for what was and move forward

some days you move faster than others, but forward nonetheless

send light and love every time you think of them...then let go again and continue

the ones we miss have moved forward and on to the next.   as should we...

here & now

intentionally, Nicki