...pieces & words

she wanted it all 

she simply could not understand the concept of accepting anything short of his mind, body and soul. 

the thought of having part of him - she told herself that she would rather have some than none.  

but it drove her slightly mad to even think that part would ever be enough.  

she could not fathom his choosing to give a piece and not his whole being?  Because it did come down to just that.  His path and his choice.

at the end of the day he only would give a piece.   

would it not drive him mad as well?  to have only but a part of her?  

he saw her as no one else ever had -  no one

he deciphered through her words to find her 

to rescue her

he knew inherently somehow that words were the essence of every single thing to her, in every form they came in - sung, unsung, unsaid, written and unspoken - words - they were her potion and her poison 

she melted inside of the language and therefor him, became a part of them - melted and became alive in them altogether