...the pull

she should have known better all along.  

from his very first written words to her...she should have known and perhaps somewhere deep inside, she did. 
she choose to push it aside - the pull.  

he pulled her to him. 

when a wild woman falls, she falls mind over body.  

to capture her mind is everything and to capture her soul?  

well that my love, is beyond even what love can be illustrated as.  

the vast majority of humanity will never even come close to what she has uncovered in her mind.  She can feel it all  - Everything.  

how could he not come to her?  

how did he have that kind of restraint?  She was not sure.  

she wished she had restraint. she could never wait.  if she felt it, she said it.  

say what you mean and mean what you say  

why did humans wait?  they wait for everything, as if there were time to be had 

she lived viscerally.  

so wild only the music in her mind could translate her understandings. 

the rumble of the waves with her barefoot planted in the wet sand.  

she feels the energy of the moon as she beems toward the star filled night sky 

see every ripple of the tide coming in and pulling away.   

it is indescribable. 

the movement of the wings of the butterfly, the pelicans as they skim the wind right next to her as she runs down the coast.  They glide with her.

they know too

she sees things she simply has not learned to manifest the language for.  

to describe it...the way she sees it?  

that in and of itself would bring the average man to his knees