Weekend Vibes - Road Trippin Style

What is the weekend for you?  
Is it a time to crash and binge on housework and TV shows?
What could it be?

It could be a set time to be the adventurer in you calling out.
A time to explore on mini-road trips.
Write down places you want to explore within four hours of you.
Pick one weekend each month to take off.
Or per week if you're extra daring.
It doesn't have to be expensive - tent, air mattress for your van, up to you.
Take off on Friday afternoon or super early Saturday morning & go.
Change it along the way, if you are so called to do.
Stop where & as many times as you want to.
See the details in the moments.
This is your summer to get out there!

If not now when?

This is your life & it waits for no one.

Live Fully - Here & Now