...the skirt

This dress I wear as often I choose and wherever I want.  

She supposed it was from being a bit poor growing up.  
They had never had much and rarely had expensive or very nice things.

Whatever the reason, she had the chocolate brown wrap skirt 
and matching sleeveless top that showed off her summer tan hanging in her closet with the tags still hanging from them.  

The skirt was her very favorite, she thought it to be quite luxurious.  The material was delicate and there was a tortoise shell fastening at the waistline to tie the strings of the skirt as the wrapped around her waist.  The skirt would open when she walked and showed her sun kissed thigh.  She thought it quite sexy and a bit provocative she had hoped her husband would find it irresistible on her.

She had been so excited when she bought it, almost giddy.   Ann Taylor was an expensive store after all, it had been on clearance, just waiting for her, she told herself.

It had stayed in her closet; unused, untouched.  No special occasion ever came.  

The date she had hoped he would take her on never came.  For years, it never seemed to come.  He was always too busy with work.  Too busy with other priorities.   She waited so hopefully, so excited for the day she would wear it with her hair pulled up with sexy curls falling down her face.

The special occasion never came.  After he died, she came across it in the back of the closet.  No longer wearable, simply from being unused and dust.
She had waited too long.

Lovelies, your life is right now.  This IS your special occasion!

Wear the dress, light the candle, open that bottle of wine,  go on the date!  

Eat dessert, wear the heels, go on the motorcycle trip across the country, tell her you love her, read the book, write the story, hug your man, take the picture and live your life now. 

Never waste a single precious moment with "I'll do it when" thought. 

Live and Love before you go.

Intentionally, Nicki