...his breath

She didn't need him the way you might think.  
It was so much more than that.
She needed him in a way that she needed air, more so in her mind.

His breath breathed life into her soul.
She wished nothing more than each moment with him to 
last for all eternity. 

His tongue like a flame from his fire flickered on her lips, 
making his way into her mouth, was her interpretation 
of heaven on earth.

His tongue seeking answers & his breath inside her mouth answered.

His breath infusing with with hers was intoxicating.
She inhaled him in.
She would never get enough.

His right hand moving from her face to the back of her neck
pulling her closer  tightening slightly on her neck directing her towards him more,  giving him access to deeper kisses.  
Kisses that alone satisfied her to her very core.  

His mouth alone brought her more pleasure than she had ever even 
imagined possible.