You Might Be Addicted To Twitter If...

All your friends names start with @

You refer to your friends as "tweeps."

You haven't actually met these "friends".

You lose sleep when someone stops following you. (wondering was it something I tweeted?)

You reply to all questions in 140 characters or less.

Your spouse takes one look at you in you jammies and unbrushed hair, says nicely...umm, did you go anywhere today honey.  You reply...why yes, went to the zoo with @BronxZoosCobra, and went to China with @lajollamom

Your mom asks you how your new hair color came out and you reply  #looklikeshrek

You remember what you were doing on the day you hit 100 followers.

You send more tweets on your phone than your teenager sends text messages on theirs.

You  think in #hashtags.

Your husband asks you what you did today, you tell him about the fabulous recipe you got from @JessSeinfeld.

 All the parties you've been to lately, are in front of the computer. #twitterparty

Your first thought when anything happens is, "I should tweet this."

You've told your kids/spouse/boss to "wait a minute" while you finish a tweet.

You don't think you are addicted to twitter because you don't do two of the things on this list

Are you addicted?


That's awesome! I think somehow I'm safe, only because I'm in a foreign country, and won't fork out the insane fees to carry a smartphone. Otherwise, I'd probably need a 12-step program! Might have to reblog this at some point - I'll be sure to link back to ya!
Nicki said…
Thank you! I laughed so hard writing it, fell off the treadmill! ;-)
Ha ha ha ha love it!!! Just re-posted on my blog and linked back to you!!! :)
Nicki said…
LOL, thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed it!
Ha! No...not there...YET. I have an account and just never use or check. Shame.
Nicki said…
I had an account I never used for a long time...then I started my blog..oh my! Use it lots now! Thank you for commenting!!
Susie Buetow said…
So true! I use it all the time for my blog. It really is the best way to get your blog out there and met other bloggers!
Carolyn said…
Completely addicted!
Shauna said…
ha, ha, ha... love it... so funny. coming from the Alexa Hop -